tdlg-lms-160x160Welcome to the doghouse of TopDog Learning Group, LLC. We're a consulting practice based in Orlando, FL, USA but with affiliations around the globe. We specialize in human learning and performance (so if you're looking for help with your dog, well, we only teach our own!).

Here you'll find an overview of what we do, how we can help, and some of the cool resources and reference that might help you understand our "pack."

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TRAINING: "Exploring Diversity & Inclusion"

We're excited -- in conjunction with our partners at International Training & Development, LLC -- to have launched our latest online learning experience "Exploring Diversity & Inclusion." This self-paced training (with a focus on unconscious bias) helps employees understand the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion for the business as well as for them as members of our society. Check it out here!


Check out our own Steve Yacovelli featured in this video from The eLearning Guild! Not familiar with The eLearning Guild? They're one of the premier professional associations that help elearning professionals, instructional designers, learning strategists, Chief Learning Officers, and others with best practices and professional development as it relates to the field of online learning. Check them out.


WHITE PAPER: "Women in eLearning..."

Click here to see the latest contribution from our own Dr Steve Yacovelli for The eLearning Guild entitled "Women in eLearning: Continuing the Conversation." It's a white paper focused on gender differences in the elearning profession and ways in which we as a field can try to eliminate gender bias.



BOOK: "Overcoming Poopy e-Learning"

Ever notice that some online learning is kinda ... poopy? How do you effectively evaluate online learning? How do you know if it was effective? Framed through the e-learning fable of “Pearl White and The 7 Dorks,” our ebook explores several strategies for you to use as you look at your “e” and determine if it’s built in a high-quality fashion or not and after it’s been implemented to determine if it was effective for your learners and your organization. Check here to check it out!

RADIO INTERVIEW: re: "Exploring D&I" WBT

Our own Dr. Steve Yacovelli shared his perspective on diversity and inclusion, the creation of our newest online learning program "Diversity & Inclusion: It's Our Business ... Exploring Diversity & Inclusion," and unconscious bias in our workplace on KSVY91.3 Sonoma Valley's LGBTQ news show, "Out in the Vineyard" Radio. Listen by clicking here! (edited version of just Steve's interview; full show can be found here)        

ARTICLE: "Unconscious Bias in Learning"

Doc Yock shares his perspective on how our unconscious biases can "creep" into the work of a learning and development professional. Whether it's the images we pick for our content, our word choice, the instructional design elements chosen, or facets in the delivery of our training, learning professionals -- like all humans -- can unconsciously send messages in the training they create. Find out more at Training Industry Magazine.