The “Year of the Dog” and Sticky Resolutions

The turning of the year is a time when many people think about what they'd like to accomplish in the upcoming shiny new year. While I, too, do believe that January is a perfect time to identify where I'd like to go (in this case) in 2017, but I find it equally beneficial to also think about WHAT goals I set out for myself last year, and how well did I meet them and -- if I didn't -- why?

I saw a cartoon once that had two cows sitting in a pasture. One cow asked the other, "What are resolutions?" The other cow replied, "It's a human's 'To Do' list for the first week in January." This always stuck with me, as so many folks make New Year's resolutions ... and then either break them or forget about them a short time into the New Year.

So, how can we make our resolutions "stick"? There's a lot of great research on how we humans can keep our willpower and dedication to keep our goals. Here's some suggestions:

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