People often ask is if we are:


Well, none of the above.

What TopDog DOES do for our clients is to help them be more successful in these six main areas of focus:

Learning Strategy Consulting

Providing guidance for creating your organization’s learning goals and objectives, how to effectively and efficiently meet these goals with the resources available, and how to measure success

Leadership & Organizational Development

Focusing on developing your executives, managers, and employees on the knowledge, skills and behaviors that matter most for your success

Professional Facilitation

Bringing to life new or existing content to your employees through the latest face-to-face or on-line classroom learning techniques that optimize participant retention, engagement, and effectiveness

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Helping your business not only analyze the diversity and inclusivity of its employees, but strategically analyze how diverse your business is through various metrics, looking for unconscious biases in your business practices, and suggesting best practices for creating and maintaining a diverse corporate culture.

Change Management Consulting

Helping to bring a special lens to your change efforts, by providing top-notch advice on communication, executive management, training, and measurement strategies for any major changes within your business, and ensuring successful movement from “Point A” to “Point Z” for your initiative

Custom e-Learning Development & Management

From taking your existing classroom content and customizing it for on-line delivery … to creating new and innovative performance technology solutions to helping you manage your learning technology strategy, all focused on what’s right for your organization and your budget

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